Ancient recipe&Bi-tech Solution for Psoriasis

If you are still suffering from psoriasis repeatedly, IL-X Psoriasis Spray is the right choice for you.IL-X Psoriasis Spray not only successfully helped patients to resist the recurring attacks of psoriasis, but also allowed them to let go of their long-term low self-esteem and depression brought about by skin inflammation and face life again with a healthy and confident posture.

Ancient secret recipe

Licorice: IL-17A fusion compound glycyrrhizin precisely combats the skin damage caused by psoriasis. Licorice is also one of the most widely used herbs in the world, and in ayurvedic medicine it aids in the treatment of eye diseases, throat infections, stomach ulcers, arthritis, liver diseases and skin disorders. The reason for this is that it is phlegmatic, emollient, anti-inflammatory, anti-filtering pathogens, anti-hepatotoxic and anti-bacterial.

Comfrey: Comfrey rejuvenates the skin. It can inhibit IL-17A-induced proliferation of Ha Ca T cells and secretion of related cytokines, and can inhibit the proliferation of keratinocytes and promote apoptosis by inhibiting the recruitment of leukocytes by chemokines, thus achieving the therapeutic effect on psoriasis.

Artemisinin: Artemisia can effectively suppress psoriasis recurrence in the long term. The wide range of anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and immunosuppressive pharmacological activities and safety of artemisinin have attracted increasing attention from researchers. 

Ultra-advanced biological cell technology

Interleukin IL-17A: IL-17 is made to fight psoriasis. Interleukin 17A is a pro-inflammatory cytokine. the increasing accuracy of IL-17 in the selection of therapeutic targets in psoriasis shows cells that may lead to large amounts of IL-17A in focal psoriatic skin. Bold arrows indicate a greater contribution of psoriatic lesioned skin to IL-17A production.

What Can IL-X Do for You?

●Achieve therapeutic effects on psoriasis by inhibiting chemokine recruitment of leukocytes and effectively suppressing symptoms such as skin lesions and itching.

●Let rainy weather, wind, snow and low temperature, and psychological stress no longer become triggers for psoriasis.

●Long-term use can inhibit the proliferation of keratin-forming cells and promote apoptosis, reduce psoriasis recurrence.

●Reduces skin discoloration and inhibits scar growth. Long-term use not only repairs scarring, but also delays skin aging caused by psoriasis and beautifies the skin.

●Improve the quality of life.

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How To Use - 3 Simple Steps & Tips

Shake well before use

Aim the spray at the affected area, spray evenly

Long-term use effect is remarkable

Highly Evaluated in Severe Psoriasis Patients
Real Patients, Real Relief 

Here are a few words about my personal journey. I've suffered from psoriasis since being a teenager. To be honest, not the most favorable stage of life to develop that kind of skin condition. Obviously that placed a huge burden on my teenage years, but it also made me "ingenious" somehow. The long sleeve shirts become my second skin even during the fiery summer days in Southern Spain, where I grew up. At age of 31 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. It's a pretty empty feeling when you realise you have something that will never go away. The inflammation in my joints was causing painful nodules in my fingers and swelling in my wrists and knees...A few months ago a friend of mine recommended me this spray and I've been using it since then. After applying it for several days there was a noticeable improvement and after a month, the patches were completely gone. To me this spray was much more effective that the corticosteroids I was using in the past. I don't expect a topical to cure the condition, but it's managing the symptom exceptionally.

I'm greatly thankful and I hope this will help anyone else struggling with the same problem. Good luck!! Be healthy and stay safe.

Ted, 31

Let me start by saying I almost never leave reviews in products, unless they're extremely bad and buyers need to be warned, or like in this case - they are LIFE CHANGING!! I've had psoriasis since I was 16yo (12yrs Of fighting it). I'm on monthly injections and a combination of the strongest spray. I have patches on most my body. Recently, I was having a really bad flare up on my hands - the patches were causing them to crack and bleed in dozens of spots on every hinge of EVERY finger. This is the worst pain P has caused me in my life - no exaggeration. I tried my usual steroid spray Arsenal and none of them worked, only a couple days of the flare up not getting worse - but not actually reversing the symptoms.

I am 10 days into using this in the morning and then at night after my shower and the flare up is 90% gone!!!!!!!! Every crack has changed and the only thing left is a small amount of pink coloring between my fingers.

Carlo Vren, 28

I have been struggling for about 6 months with my newly developed Psoriasis on my skin. The rough, painful, red and flakey patches were really taking a toll on my self esteem and my wallet. I've spent a small fortune in skincare products trying to ease the symptoms, with no success. I have had this spray for two days now and I am astounded by the results already. I'm not itchy, there is no flakey skin, it's not as dry and sore and even the redness is starting to dissipate. I was so happy this morning I was near tears. If you're thinking about trying this product for your Psoriasis, do not hesitate. This is my holy grail product now. Thank you.

Heily, 47

I finally found something that works for me. After trying so many products Psoriasis & Eczema spray is it!In less than one week after using the product, I'm starting to see results. It leaves the area a bit dry so after using it for a few days, I decided to use a moisturizer in the morning and use the spray at night. Remember that everyone's skin is not the same so I do what works for me. I have seen a vast positive difference in the area of my eczema so I will continue to use this product.

Linsey, 34

I didn't want to do a review right away, because I really wanted to try it out and see the results, I have psoriasis and it's a struggle to keep it moisturizer and not look dirty, well this spray has truly worked amazingly, it still can't seem to get the dryness of my nose but it's way better then before, it absorbs quickly into the skin i mix it with my moisturizer (non scented) and it works amaze my skin has never been this soft, I'm a customer for life the last picture is a week ago after using this for 2 weeks I'm impressed.

Harold, 25

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